Patient Support

The LUminate® Support Program provides your patients with a variety of tools and resources to help them get through opioid withdrawal, including:

LUCEMYRA® Prescription Savings Program

Eligible patients will pay



Nearly all pharmacies in the US are covered through the Relay Health, eRx Network, and McKesson programs.

Tell your patients they can download their savings card from the Support & Savings page of

The Prescription Savings Program helps make it easier for your commercially insured patients to get a LUCEMYRA prescription.

Patients can print out their program savings card or bookmark it on their smartphone. When they provide their pharmacy with the ID number on the card, they will get their LUCEMYRA prescription discount.

Depending upon the participating pharmacy, the LUCEMYRA discount may be provided by McKesson, Relay Health eVoucherRx Program, or eRx Network. Relay Health eVoucherRx Program and eRx Network are both paperless, and the discount is automatically applied at the pharmacy counter. McKesson is the only program that requires patients to provide the pharmacy with the ID number from their savings card to obtain the discount.

*Patients whose prescriptions are paid for in part or in whole by Medicare, Medicaid, or any similar federal or state healthcare program, are not eligible for savings or rebates according to federal and state law. Patients must visit a participating pharmacy for savings or rebates on their LUCEMYRA prescriptions. Maximum benefits may apply.

The actual savings and out-of-pocket costs for LUCEMYRA will vary according to refill quantity, personal healthcare insurance coverage, and adherence to FDA dosing guidelines. Please review Terms and Conditions to learn more.

For claim processing questions, please call 1-877-264-2440.

LUCEMYRA is available at the following pharmacies:

Good Day Pharmacy


St. Matthews Pharmacy

This is not an exhaustive list of pharmacies that dispense LUCEMYRA. Listed pharmacies have opted in at no cost. This list of pharmacies is provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion does not imply a referral, recommendation, or endorsement by USWM, LLC.

LUminate® Support App

Offer your patients a more “hands-on” approach to getting through opioid withdrawal with the LUminate Support App. Your patients can download the app for free and access a variety of useful features, including:

• Dose Tracking/Reminders
• Supportive messages each day of treatment
• Symptom Library (including advice and tips for relief)
• Meditation Timer

Patients do not need to sign up—they simply download the app to start immediately!
Watch the LUminate Support App Video!

US WorldMeds® Patient Assistance Program

US WorldMeds recognizes that some of your patients may have no health insurance coverage of any kind and won’t be able to pay cash for LUCEMYRA treatment. As we want every patient who needs LUCEMYRA to receive it, we have developed the US WorldMeds Patient Assistant Program, which will provide LUCEMYRA treatment free to those patients who meet certain income and other eligibility requirements.*

Download the US WorldMeds Patient Assistance Program Application and provide it to your patients without health insurance whom you think may be eligible for the program.
For more information about the US WorldMeds Patient Assistance Program, contact us at 877-438-9759 or 218-444-8217.
*Patients whose prescriptions are paid in part or in whole by Medicaid, or any similar federal or state healthcare program, are not eligible for this program.

Patient Education Brochure

Give your patients this practical and informative resource to help get them through opioid withdrawal. This brochure covers how and why opioid withdrawal occurs and provides your patients with a comprehensive overview of LUCEMYRA.



An in depth, step-by step look at how LUCEMYRA helps alleviate symptoms of withdrawal


Read about a 5-Day treatment study where LUCEMYRA significantly reduced the severity of withdrawal symptoms


Tools to help manage patients experiencing opioid withdrawal