Mechanism of Action

Withdrawal symptoms are caused by rebound hyperactivity of the biological systems suppressed by opioids

Watch how LUCEMYRA® helps alleviate symptoms of opioid withdrawal

LUCEMYRA is a central alpha-2 adrenergic agonist that reduces the release of norepinephrine and mitigates the symptoms of noradrenergic hyperactivity that occurs following abrupt opioid discontinuation

Long-term opioid use changes the way nerve cells work in the brain1

  • When opioids are initially taken, the brain produces lower levels of a naturally occurring hormone, called norepinephrine, that can affect breathing, muscle tension, and ability to sleep


Continued use of opioids over time causes the nerve cells to increase their internal capabilities to restore normal levels of norepinephrine

When opioids are taken away suddenly, there is now an imbalance of too much norepinephrine1

  • The person will begin to feel lots of very unpleasant feelings and reactions; these are known as withdrawal symptoms


LUCEMYRA helps adjust the balance of norepinephrine in the areas of the brain that cause withdrawal symptoms2

  • This helps restore the chemical balance and helps relieve the symptoms that occur during opioid withdrawal


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